10 Movie Stars Who Could Really, Really Use A Hit Right Now

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Nic Cage
Letís just say what weíre all thinking. What the hell happened? Nic Cage was a pretty sure bet for about a decade in the mid-90s to mid-00s when he was cranking out gems like Leaving Las Vegas, National Treasure, The Rock, Con Air and Face/Off. Even his lesser films like Snake Eyes and Lord Of War were pretty fun in their own ways, but since about 2010, heís been making a lot of shit youíve never even heard of.

Quick. Iíll hit you with four movies. Three of them have been released in the last two years. One of them I just made up. Ready? Stolen, Trespass, Alarm Code and Seeking Justice. Which one is fake?

Itís a lot harder than you thought, right? The correct answer is Alarm Code. To my knowledge he has not starred in that film, but if the Left Behind reboot or the one heís currently shooting in China donít work out, itís certainly possible heíll get there eventually.
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