10 Times The Academy Got Best Picture Wrong!

By Nick Venable 2014-02-27 22:49:10discussion comments
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How Green was my valley poster
How Green Was My Valley Ė 1941
Why it Won: Because the Academy was still too young to understand what it was supposed to be doing. How Green Was My Valley is a fine period film about a good olí town devastated in various ways by coal mines. Not quite the There Will be Blood of its day, this is a lushly shot pic with enough plot, characters and grimness (not to mention Roddy McDowall) that an entirely different film could be created from it, and I guess that kind of hard-hitting story was what people in 1941 were looking for. ExceptÖ

What Should Have Won: Citizen Kane, a-dur. In what is arguably the most infamous snub of all time, what is arguably the greatest film in the history of cinema was beaten out by a bunch of coal-faced idgits. The context that most people view How Green Was My Valley in revolves around it beating Kane for Best Picture. Maybe people were mad when they found out who Rosebud was, I donít know. Any idea what else My Valley Was So, So Green beat out? John Hustonís The Maltese Falcon. Iíll just assume all of the voters had family members who worked on the winnerís production.
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