10 Widely Released 2008 Movies We Bet You Won't Recognize

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Round #2
Release Date: September 19, 2008
Worldwide Box Office: $44,653,637
Stars: Samuel L Jackson, Patrick Wilson, Kerry Washington

Plot: Mad about his life and hopped up on some sketchy politics, a police officer starts terrorizing his neighbors, an interracial couple. The problems predictably escalate during the filmís runtime before an over the top confrontation settles the grudge match once and for all.

Excerpt From Cinema Blendís Review: It all ends when encroaching wildfires serve as a deus ex machina that both strengthens Chris and Lisa's love and takes care of the Abel problem for good. Too bad the CGI flames in the distance are more compelling and realistic than anything we've actually seen onscreen.

Does it seem familiar? Check out the right answer after the jump...
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