100 High-Res Images From The Thor Trailer

By Eric Eisenberg 2010-12-10 18:02:06discussion comments
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100 High-Res Images From The Thor Trailer image
When a trailer comes online with a lot of incredible visuals, we here at Cinema Blend like to break it down with screenshots, just so we can appreciate every little morsel. We did it for Tron: Legacy, we did it for Sucker Punch and we did it for Black Swan. Now itís Thorís turn.

Unless youíve been living under a rock you know that today marked the release of the first official trailer for next summerís superhero blockbuster and weíre more than happy to go through it frame-by-frame so you can spot all of the cool little details that will make your geek heart flutter with anticipation. Thanks to our heroís battles with the Frost Giants, The Destroyer and Loki, it looks as though the film will be quite action heavy and satisfy anyone looking for a summer movie jam packed with explosions. Check out the images in the gallery below.
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