15 Widely Released 2010 Movies We Bet You Won't Recognize

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Round #2
Release Date: May 14, 2010
Worldwide Box Office: $21,570,263
Stars: Common, Queen Latifah, Paula Patton

Plot: A physical therapist who has never had a ton of luck with money and her hot, gold-digging sister meet a professional basketball player. The hot sister soon latches onto the New Jersey Nets star, but when he gets injured, itís the other sister who has to tend to his wounds, emotional and physical if you know what I'm saying. A game of back-and-forth commences until he finally picks the sister you thought he would be with the entire time. I think. Or maybe itís the other sister. I donít know what you think.

Excerpt From CBís Review: If the sports setting was included as a way to draw in male viewers, it's a total failure, but sports-loving women who identify with Latifah's character may appreciate it. Hamri's direction does little to enliven those sports scenes, and she leans way too hard on easy montages and broad comic moments to keep the film moving.

This movieís name is a really dumb pun on one of the characterís names.
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