2009's Top Nude Scenes, Jessica Biel Falls Short

By Josh Tyler 2009-12-17 01:51:19discussion comments
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2009's Top Nude Scenes, Jessica Biel Falls Short image
Weíre a legitimate movie blog so we donít write about celebrity nudity (much), we just secretly enjoy it. For all your celebrity nudity needs your best bet is probably the infamous Mr. Skin who has spent all of his life in a basement fast forwarding through DVDs looking for nipples. But itís the end of the year and with everyone announcing awards Skin has to take his turn. Heís announced the top ten nude scenes in entertainment for 2009, and surprisingly, not all of them are in film.

With edgy, pay-cable like HBO and Showtime pushing the envelope, theyíve taken the crown as the best place to see famous and semi-famous women naked. The top nude scene of 2009 happened on the David Duchovny show Californication and starred someone named Eva Amuri. If you watch it, then maybe you know who the hell Skinís talking about. But runner up was the Jessica Biel, who played a stripper and actually took her clothes off in Powder Blue. Unfortunately nudity doesnít equal box office and no one saw it.

But since we know youíre interested, hereís Mr. Skinís full list of the best nude scenes in movies and TV for 2009.

1. Eva Amurri, Californication
2. Jessica Biel, Powder Blue
3. Amber Heard, The Informers
4. Anna Paquin, True Blood
5. Rachel Blanchard, Spread
6. Betsy Rue, My Bloody Valentine 3-D
7. Alice Eve, Crossing Over
8. Julianna Guill, Friday the 13th
9. Alanna Ubach, Hung
10. Malin Akerman, Watchmen

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