2014 Oscars Pushed Into March To Avoid Winter Olympics

By Katey Rich 2013-03-26 07:03:55discussion comments
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2014 Oscars Pushed Into March To Avoid Winter Olympics image
For movie fans, pretty much the only thing to look forward to in the bleak month of February is the Oscars. All the big movies have come out in December, the theaters are still crammed with the January crap that the studios didn't dare release in a more competitive month, and in February you get stuck with drippy romances or obnoxious comedies or the dying gasp of a once-beloved franchise. The only way to stay sane is to feverishly predict what might win Best Picture, or catch up on the nominees you missed their first time in theaters, or for the really dedicated, watch all the nominated shorts online.

The Oscars didn't always happen in February-- they were held in late March or early April until 2004-- but we've gotten used to them. Only to now have them cruelly pushed back. The Academy has announced that next year's ceremony will take place on March 2, just a few days out of February but enough to make that short month feel far too long. The shift has happened thanks to the Winter Olympics, airing on ABC's rival network NBC but likely to suck up pretty much all of the media attention between February 7 and February 23 next year. To compensate for the late date of the ceremony the nominations will be announced later as well, on January 16, as opposed to January 10 this year. That still leaves a solid six weeks between nominations and the ceremony, a period that seemed to drag on forever this year for those of us who obsess over these awards-- but offering more time to catch up with the nominees for the more normal people as well.

Don't ever accuse the Academy of not planning ahead, either-- they've also announced the date for the 2015 ceremony, so mark off February 22 on your 2015 calendar that you've somehow purchased in advance. The early announcement seems to be a way for the Academy to combat rumors that they might move the ceremony up even earlier, to late January or so, but for me, it just leaves me that much more time to plan some nominee-appropriate snacks. Hard-knock-life cakes for Annie? Roast Mockingjay for the Hunger Games sequel? Get planning!
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