3 Obvious Reasons Why Audiences Hate The Wolf Of Wall Street

By Sean O'Connell 2013-12-27 09:35:03discussion comments
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3. It Was Marketed Incorrectly
This doesnít necessarily put the blame on Paramount, which had a new Martin Scorsese/Leonardo DiCaprio collaboration on its plate and knew a certain audience would turn up, no matter the content.

Watch that trailer, though. It paints Wolf as Goodfellas. A couple of colorful characters pull themselves up by their bootstraps (illegally, mind you), but pay the price when the FBI catches on to their schemes. Thatís only a small sliver of Wolf, as anyone who has seen it knows, and the debauchery is barely hinted at in the filmís full trailer.

Now, buyer beware, right? Itís up to an individual to read up on a movie, to see what they are in store for. And there have been plenty of in-depth think pieces analyzing the filth and depravity Scorsese willingly put into Wolf. But the CinemaScore, accurate by its own standards, illustrates how audience members checking out Wall Street on Christmas Day either didnít know what they were getting, or simply didnít like what they got.
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