30 Minutes Or Less Clips Blow Up A Beloved Bear

By Josh Tyler 2011-07-03 22:50:57discussion comments
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We have two clips from 30 Minutes or Less, that movie in which Jesse Eisenberg and Aziz Ansari re-enact Speed without the bus, sort of. By now you know the setup: Two masked goons strap a bomb to Eisenberg’s chest and threaten to detonate it unless he robs a bank and gets back to them with the money, in thirty minutes or less. Here’s a little more of that setup.

In the following clips you’ll watch the crooks demonstrate their exploding ability, and see a little more of Jesse’s conversation with Azis, when he shows up at his friend’s school and shows him the explosives he keeps hidden underneath his coat. Watch:

For more on the movie, visit our dedicated 30 Minutes or Less detail page. Look for it in theaters August 12th.
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