4 Pitch Perfect Characters The Sequel Needs And 4 It Can Do Without

By Mack Rawden 2014-01-28 09:14:52discussion comments
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Fine To Leave: Aubrey Posen
Aubrey is a great foil for Beca in the first film. With her obsession with appearance and heavy reliance on the past, sheís very much our starís opposite, and watching her slowly change over the course of the film is one of the more rewarding journeys we get. I wouldnít change a thing about her role in Pitch Perfect, but considering sheís much older and presumably would have graduated by the time any sequel takes place, it doesnít really make much sense for her to be around.

Besides, Iím not really sure where her character could go. The last thing you want in a sequel is for someone to complete the exact same character arc all over again. With Beca inserted as the woman the other ladies look up to, thereís just no place for her anymore that doesnít involve morphing into some kind of supervillain that starts a rival a capella group. And who wants to see that?
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