5 Crazy Things North Korea Said In Response To The Interview Trailer

By Mack Rawden 1 year agodiscussion comments
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James Bond
James Bond Is A Character Worth Celebrating
Donít get me wrong, I love James Bond. When Skyfall came out, I rewatched every single previous 007 flick and ranked them from best to worst. That character is definitely worth celebrating, but it makes no sense for North Korea to officially cite him as an example of British greatness when as recently as 12 years ago, Kim Jong Il was publicly irate at the franchise after Die Another Day used a North Korean villain.

According to The Telegraph, the film was officially labeled as "dirty and cursed". Of course, I get how opinions can change quite a bit in 12 years, but when you can literally choose any character to celebrate, why the hell would you pick one that allegedly slandered your nation so badly? It makes no sense, and itís just comical in retrospect.
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