5 Fascinating Things About Moviegoers A Comprehensive Poll Just Told Us

By Mack Rawden 2014-01-14 10:57:24discussion comments
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2. People Still Watch Movies On TV
Have you ever been sitting on your couch watching Shawshank Redemption on basic cable and trying to muster the strength to get up and pop your own copy in the Blu-ray player to avoid commercials? Well, youíre not the only one and apparently, the majority of people ultimately decide itís not worth it. 60% percent of people confessed to regularly watching televised movies live during their time slots. 28% regularly DVR movies and watch them later. Iíd make some kind of snarky comment here, but in all seriousness, Iíve got the original Mighty Ducks sitting on my DVR right now.

3. Way Less People Sneak Food Into Theaters Than Youíd Guess
Or people are just liars. Seriously, Iím not saying Iím always in favor of smuggling in outside food and drinks, but Iíve obviously done it before. In fact, Iíve had this conversation with friends and family members quite a few times, and Iím not sure Iíve ever come across someone who claimed theyíve never once even brought in some pretzels or a bottle of water. Thatís like five percent of the reason women carry purses. But according to the Harris poll, only 58% of people admit theyíve broken the no food or drink rule. Thatís way lower than I would have guessed, and it kind of makes me think I might only be associating with lowlifes.
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