5 Hilarious And Stupid G.I. Joe Products That People Actually Bought

By Mack Rawden 2013-03-26 12:02:08discussion comments
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GI Joe Bedroom Slippers
I have no idea where house slippers would rank on an ordered list of manly products, but Iím pretty sure they would be below conditioner and duster. Wearing them is tantamount to admitting your feet are prone to chilliness (or youíre worried about stepping on Christmas ornaments), which doesnít seem like something most of the GI Joe dudes would be comfortable sharing. Iím not saying bedroom slippers shouldnít exist or shouldnít be endorsed, but it seems like being the selling point should be an entirely separate dudeís area---like Bill Cosby or Anthony Clark.

Also, Iím not exactly Stacy or Clinton, but it doesnít take a discerning eye to know those slippers are disgustingly ugly and made from cheap-looking material. I would be weirded out just going to my mailbox with these things on, and more than likely, a healthy percentage of seven-year-old boys would feel the same way.
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