5 Movies That Lost Some Serious Oscar Momentum This Morning

By Mack Rawden 2013-12-11 08:57:38discussion comments
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The Wolf Of Wall Street
What Could Have Been: The embargo for Martin Scorseseís Wolf Of Wall Street hasnít ended; so, we really donít know what the general consensus on the film is. That being said, it did score one of the American Film Instituteís Top 10 of 2013 slots, and given the talent involved, it has all the makings of a serious player. Most insiders assumed Leonardo Dicaprio would be a serious contender in the lead category and Jonah Hill and/ or Matthew McConaughey would make a strong push in the supporting category. None of those things happened here. The film didnít pick up any major nominations, and if this is taken as a larger sign, it may not pick up the necessary momentum needed for a viable Oscar campaign.

Why: Most of the voters likely got screeners or were invited to various showings, but itís still a safe bet that a whole lot less people saw theWolf than say The Butler, which came out months ago. Beyond that, DiCaprio has never been a huge favorite with voters for whatever reason. Heís almost routinely listed in the snubs category, and both McConaughey and Tom Hanks (Saving Mr. Banks) may have screwed themselves out of supporting nods thanks to thanks lead actor nominations for Dallas Buyers Club and Captain Phillips.

The Bottom Line: Itís too early to write the film off, but this is a very poor sign.
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