5 Movies That Lost Some Serious Oscar Momentum This Morning

By Mack Rawden 2013-12-11 08:57:38discussion comments
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What Could Have Been: There was a whole lot of chatter back in late November about how Scarlett Johansson’s voice only performance was deemed ineligible for consideration. She was fair game for the SAG Awards, however, and some thought she might have a realistic chance at a nomination. The same can be said for Joaquin Phoenix too whose lead role as the eccentric protagonist has been earning high marks. He’s an awards season veteran and figured to be a strong contender, but the film didn’t earn anything in any of the major categories.

Why: While Scar Jo was technically eligible for a nomination, people really don’t like voting for voice only roles. Maybe they really do require less effort. Maybe voters are unfairly biased. Either way, despite all the hope, she was working from behind the eight ball. She really could have used a nod here to prove she’s a legit contender, but apparently, that wasn’t to be. Beyond her (pun intended), many other voters may have been apprehensive about the larger film’s bizarre subject matter or about Phoenix’s track record of strange behavior and openly talking about how little he cares for awards season.

The Bottom Line: This hurts. Momentum has to start somewhere. Maybe it’ll be at the Globes tomorrow but probably not.
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