5 Oscar Hopefuls You Should Catch Up With Over The Holiday

By CB Staff 2012-11-19 10:05:06discussion comments
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Flight is so much more than ďa two-hour Denzel Washington performance.Ē Granted, the two-time Oscar winner is fantastic. Thatís a given. What I didnít expect from Flight was a complete return to form for director Robert Zemeckis, who ditches the cold, clammy environments of holiday-themed motion capture for his first live-action drama since Cast Away. Ironically, heís still exploring a man who stands alone on an island. Yet, Washingtonís fascinating Flight character -- alcoholic pilot Whip Whitaker -- isnít really interested in finding a way back home. Repercussions await this man at the end of his journey. Atonement. Demons Ö the ones that linger at the bottom of an empty bottle.

Even out of the cockpit, Flight offers a bumpy ride. It isnít perfect. But there are enough gripping moments built into John Gatinsí redemptive script to more than justify its value. And yes, Washington also is at the top of his formidable game playing a flawed hero who defies death by landing a fatally damaged commercial airline (in one of the most eye-popping sequences youíll see on screen all year) Ö only to realize the worst is yet to come.
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