5 Terrible Movie Franchises Jack Ryan Producers Should Have Learned From

By Mack Rawden 2014-01-21 14:07:28discussion comments
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Donít Assume Young People Are Invested In An Old Property, Courtesy Of Lone Ranger
Jack Ryan might have been a stud in the early 90s when he was getting a film every two years, but between Clear And Present Danger in í94 and Shadow Recruit in í14, he only showed up in one movie, 2002ís Sum Of All Fears. And contrary to popular belief, Patriot Games isnít exactly a film most parents feel is required viewing for their children as they grow up. During the lead-up to Jack Ryanís release, I asked one of my friends what he knew about the character and he said, "I think heís like a Jason Bourne type, maybe, but heís also good with submarines, I think." Nailed it.

Thereís an entire generation of kids with only a vague knowledge of who the character is, if they have any knowledge at all. They werenít raised on Harrison Ford and Alec Baldwin, and they probably didnít make it out to see Ben Affleck give it a shot. If The Lone Ranger proved anything, itís not everything gets passed down by parents. Sometimes a studio needs to market reboots with an eye toward explaining why teens should fall in love with the character to begin with, not why they should go hang out with the character again.
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