5 Terrible Movie Franchises Jack Ryan Producers Should Have Learned From

By Mack Rawden 2014-01-21 14:07:28discussion comments
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Donít Put Your Faith In An Unproven Star, Courtesy Of I Am Number Four
Paramount would like you to believe Chris Pine is a star. After all, heís toplined two gigantic event films (Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness), played a primary role in a very successful romantic comedy (This Means War) and gone toe-to-toe with Denzel Washington in a blockbuster (Unstoppable). A very strong case could be made, however, that he hasnít personally been responsible for getting people into theaters for any of those movies. Star Trek is a long-proven franchise that boasted an acclaimed director with a built-in fanbase, and This Means War and Unstoppable both boasted bigger stars. Pine is talented, for sure, but talented and capable of drawing a crowd are two very different things.

Remember when studios tried to sell the general public on Alex Pettyfer? He was supposed to be the next big thing and then Beastly came and I Am Number Four came and well, he proved he wasnít really capable of opening a film on his own. Maybe itís the material here. Maybe itís Pineís fault. Either way, the studio should have taken into consideration that maybe his track record wasnít quite as strong as the numbers themselves would indicate.
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