5 Times Hollywood Has Repackaged Taken And Tried To Sell It To Us

By Gabe Toro 2014-02-20 12:27:38discussion comments
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STOLEN (2012)
Whatís It About?: Former safecracker Will Montgomery is released from prison, only to be tormented by an ex-partner who still wants his cut.

Where Does It Happen?: In sunny New Orleans, where characters frequently need to brush past rambunctious locals to get what they want.

Is The Family In Danger?: Montgomeryís teenage daughter is kidnapped and kept in the trunk of a taxi somewhere in the middle of the city.

How Convincing Is He?: While he doesnít perform the many martial arts moves available to Liam Neeson, Nicolas Cage still handles his business pretty well, throwing down in the filmís finale. For a safecracker, heís a pretty good puncher, but for an action hero, he fights like a wuss.

How Good Is It?: 3. Despite a lauded script, this is one of those quickie thrillers that Cage knocks out on a weekend. When heís not giving a real performance with a dynamic characterization, Cage is ultimately a bit boring to watch, so the real spotlight is on Josh Lucasí crazy peg-legged villain. Thereís some decent chase-and-fight stuff here, but itís nothing you havenít seen before.

ERASED (2012)
Whatís It About?: Ben Logan, a tech employee with a secret past finds out that his new job doesnít exist, and that the entire operation is an attempt to lure ex-agents out of hiding.

Where Does It Happen?: Belgium, where those seeking tax benefits thrive like the salmon of Capistrano!

Is The Family In Danger?: Logan has to go on the run with teen daughter Anna, placing both of them in harmís way.

How Convincing Is He?: Eckhartís been working heavily on his physique in recent years, and he really gets to test it out here, going toe-to-toe with some gnarly bruisers. As Anna slowly learns, Ben has a fairly familiar skill set.

How Good Is It?: 6. Eckhart makes a decent action hero, and the paranoid hook of the film adds some suspenseful flavor. But the picture never really builds to a meaning of any sort, and the final clash is built on a "clever" twist thatís more of a ridiculous gamble than anything else. But thereís certainly a resemblance between Neeson and Eckhartís growling threats.
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