5 Unusual Facts We Learned From Liam Neeson And The Cast Of Non-Stop

By Kristy Puchko 2014-02-24 08:49:51discussion comments
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Non-Stop (2014)
Real Airports Mean Real (And Really Long) Delays
Impressively, Non-Stop shot on location over two nights at an operating airport, more specifically New York's City's John F. Kennedy International Airport. Moore described it "like chickens being let out of a pen," recounting how the actors would wander around in between takes and just take the place in. "That was kind of strange being in a real airport," Neeson remembered.

While the setting gave them instant production value and believability, Collet-Serra confessed it came with a cost: time. The production got no special treatment when it came down to processing their equipment and cast and crew through security. And as anyone whose ever been to a major airport knows, that process is a time-suck, or a "nightmare" as Neeson described it before allowing it a necessary nightmare. "These are the times we're living in," he added.

It took three hours to process the crew, cast and equipment each night. "It was like a 16 hour day," Collet-Serra detailed. "We knew that that was going to happen, but there were three hours in the middle of the day that you couldn’t do anything, because every single piece of equipment had to go through. Everyone had to take their shoes off and the whole thing."
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