6 Crazy Ways Studios Have Accidentally Spoiled Their Own Movies

By Mack Rawden 2014-02-18 13:25:09discussion comments
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With Taglines, As Evidenced By Enderís Game
I donít know what percentage of the audience at an adaptation the average studio thinks has read the book, but Iím pretty sure itís a lot lower than theyíd guess. How else would you explain so why so many films based on classic novels seem to treat their marketing materials like a spoiler free zone, at least when it comes to major plot events? They straight up show characters getting hit by cars, and they take iconic lines of dialogue and turn them into movie taglines. Take Enderís Game and, yes, spoilers are coming.

The biggest single moment in the movie is supposed to be when Ender finds out his war game wasnít actually a game at all. The shocked look on both his and the audienceís faces is supposed to be the money shot, and yet, there it is in big letters on the poster. Iím sure a very high percentage of non-readers forgot the tagline while they were sitting down and watching the film, but I can guarantee you it still stuck with a healthy number of people, especially as the movie presented them with a final big simulation.
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