6 Oddly Brilliant But Random RoboCop Sightings

By Gabe Toro 2014-02-13 08:01:40discussion comments
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As A Cartoon
When you think Robocop, you think bloody, nasty ultraviolence. You think of Alex Murphyís body parts strewn about, you think of one of Boddickerís goons turned into a mutant slimeball, you think of squibs, you think of guns, guns, guns (címon Sal, the Tigers are playing to-night, I never miss a game!). What you donít think is that olí Robo is in any way kid-friendly. And yetÖ in 1988, executives who clearly hadnít seen the movie gave the go-ahead to Marvel to produce an animated Robocop program. Sticking to the events of the film, the 12 episodes featured Robo cleaning up the streets of Detroit, fighting bad guys that included Clarence Boddicker and his associates, miraculously resurrected from the first film.

Stunningly, they didnít stop there. In 1998, after three Robocop films, they tried again with Robocop: Alpha Commando. Occurring even further in the future, this series produced forty episodes of a new, upgraded Robo essentially offered to be a laser-shooting version of Inspector Gadget. The show, a Canadian production much like the live-action Robocop television series and the miniseries Prime Directives, never lasted past that one season, though apparently it is available to stream on Hulu. You just clicked away to watch, didnít you?
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