6 Things You Have To Know Before Seeing Guardians Of The Galaxy

By Eric Eisenberg 2 years agodiscussion comments
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 Guardians of the Galaxy Sean Gunn
Sean Gunn: The Unsung Hero Of Guardians Of The Galaxy
When Guardians of the Galaxy arrives in theaters this August, it will likely be voice actor Bradley Cooper and the CGI artists who get a great deal of the credit for bringing the angry, lovable Rocket Raccoon to life. But thereís one other person who has had a huge influence on the character as well. Instead of having Cooper be on the set of the Marvel movie doing motion capture, it was instead director James Gunnís actor brother, Sean Gunn, on set wearing a full-body green spandex suit standing in for Rocket and performing scenes with the rest of the cast. And absolutely everybody was nuts for his performance.

"I don't know how it's gonna be when they do the voice over with Bradley's performance," Dave Bautista said talking about the younger Gunnís performance. "Heís so in to this part. It's such a shame that he's not going to be Rocket Raccoon, because to me he is, and he's making the part."

Similar sentiments were shared by star Chris Pratt, who explained that Sean Gunnís Rocket Raccoon performance did a great job keeping him in the moment while playing Star-Lord.

"Itís been really great with Sean because a lot of the stuff that happens with Rocket, there are moments of real drama and real emotion - and he has committed so hard to it," Pratt explained. "So when heís off-camera, Iím responding to someone I feel really bad for."

The good news is that while Sean Gunnís performance as Rocket Raccoon is being made slightly invisible, he has another part in the movie as well. In a live-action role, he will be playing Kraglin, the sidekick of Michael Rookerís character, Yondu. Keep an eye out for him!
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