81 Awesome Images Packed With Gore, Guns And Predators

By Perri Nemiroff 2010-06-14 18:16:49discussion comments
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81 Awesome Images Packed With Gore, Guns And Predators image
Between all of the posters, trailers and featurettes, we’ve seen quite a lot of Nimrod Antal’s Predators. Well, we’re about to kick it up a notch, actually, 81 notches because AvP Galaxy has a production still gallery and that’s how many brand new images it holds.

Warning: Some venture into spoiler territory.

In the human department, we get loads of material of the stars looking their best and worst. Most of the portraits actually show off the weaponry more than the star. Adrien Brody’s character comes fully loaded with a rifle, pistol, knife and an ample supply of extra ammo while Alice Braga’s sticks with a high tech gun fitted with a device likely used for aiming purposes. Danny Trejo is so big he brandishes two firearms both of which are decorated with some flair. I may not know what to do with them, but Louis Ozawa Changchein looks pretty deadly with a pair of Samurai swords and we’ll likely see him put them to use because one image shows him, sword-in-hand, with a predator in front of him and, odds are, he didn’t pull it out for some show and tell. For the gore gurus out there, there’s a pretty graphic shot of a headless, skinless corpse dangling from a tree branch.

In the beast department there’s quite a lot, a lot we’ve never seen before. Not all predators look alike, with the armor and without it. One even appears to have human-like skin. (I assume Derek Mears is the man under that mask.) Some have horns, another a serious underbite and one even has some porcupine-like prickly things on his head and chest. (We consider these things male, right?) And remember those creatures we caught running through the woods in the TV spot? We get a closer look at one – a dead one.

Check a small handful of the images below, but be sure to head over to AvP Galaxy to take a look at the lot. Long time Predator fan or not, these shots will make you wish it was July 9th.

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