The 9 Craziest Star Wars Rumors That People Actually Believed

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Han Solo Will Die In The Empire Strikes Back
Prior to the release of The Empire Strikes Back in 1980, especially after the trailer dropped, there was a measurable percentage of Star Wars fans who were convinced Han Solo would die in the upcoming film. At one point, the rumor got so large it was addressed in a story by People Magazine, and thousands of fans sent in letters to various publications promising they would abandon the franchise if their beloved Han was killed off.

I canít think of a single reason why Lucas would have wanted to kill off the single most popular character in his franchise. He already had future films planned out, and doing so would have wasted all of the effort put into building sexual chemistry between Han and the Princess. Scuttlebutt, however, doesnít need logic to thrive. It only needs subject matter strange and scandalous enough that it inspires people to pass it along. In other news, Han is still not dead, and heíll wind up outliving all of us.
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