9 Movies That Deserve To Be New Halloween Classics

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Sleepy Hollow
It isn’t one of Tim Burton’s benchmark films. When discussing the director's oeuvre, it’s often trumped by Beetlejuice, Batman or a bevy of other collaborations with Johnny Depp. But the duo’s retelling of Washington Irving’s nightmarish folk story balances history, mystery and Burton’s Gothic wit – enough so that it deserves an annual revisit around Halloween time.

Sleepy Hollow has all the trimmings of a vintage ghost story, starting with ominous haunted woods cursed by a headless spirit (played by none other than the inherently creepy Christopher Walken!). Burton’s often mistaken as a peddler of the macabre. Sleepy Hollow, though, might be his only legitimate stab – or axe swing – at traditional horror, and the mood of this movie creates a skin-crawling chill. More violent and legitimately terrifying than the bulk of Burton’s work, Sleepy Hollow should find a much larger audience – even if it can lure half of the audience currently devoting time to the weekly television drama of the same name. Grab a flaming jack-o-lantern, saddle up on a pitch-dark stallion, and enjoy!
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