9 Things You Need To Know Before Seeing The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

By Eric Eisenberg 2012-12-14 13:36:42discussion comments
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Who Are They? Much like wizards, elves are an immortal race of beings from Middle-earth and some of the most beautiful to boot. In addition to being incredibly powerful creatures, with enhanced senses, unparalleled archery skills, and amazing speed and agility, they are also known for their amazing beauty Ė most standing about six feet tall with flowing blonde hair and pointed ears.

How Do They Fit? The elves play a very small role in the first Hobbit movie, but definitely look to see them play a much more expanded part in the two sequels. What we are meant to gather from the first movie is the origin of issues between elves and dwarves that has left the two races as bitter enemies. Bilbo and his company arrive at Rivendell, an Elven outpost in Middle-earth, for help in their quest at one point in the movie, which, as you could probably guess, isnít the most stress-free of unions.

Who Are They? Orcs are bad news. While perhaps not inherently evil, they tend to be the footsoldiers of evil-doers, which makes them pretty damn evil by proxy. In The Lord of the Rings they are created in the depths of Mordor to help Sauron regain power over Middle-earth. They are violent, ugly, filthy, disgusting creatures, and if you have one on your trail itís time to bolt. Needless to say, itís a very good thing that Bilboís sword, Sting, actually glows blue whenever orcs are nearbyÖ

How Do They Fit? While orcs are present in Tolkienís novel, Jacksonís adaptation features the creatures in a much more specific capacity. A storyline that isnít actually in the book, the movie adds a plot about Azog The Defiler, a one-armed albino orc who swears revenge against Thorin Oakenshield, as it was the Dwarven prince who cut off Azogís appendage during battle. While Bilbo and his company of dwarves are making their way to the Lonely Mountain Azog picks up on their trail and riding in on giant wolf-like wargs they cause more than a little bit of trouble for our main characters.
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