A.M. Awesome: Stunning Look Back At The Films Of 2010

By Will LeBlanc 2010-12-14 06:03:18discussion comments
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A.M. Awesome: Stunning Look Back At The Films Of 2010 image
2010 has been a year for user generated content. Can you count how many different versions of the Inception trailer there were? Probably not. The content is out there for aspiring young editors to have their fun with, and in 2010 they did. But this latest video, however, is the definitive project that if nothing else reminds us that we havenít seen nearly as many movies this year as we should have.

YouTuber Gen I. has put together Filmography 2010, a six and a half minute montage of clips from an extraordinary amount of movies that have either been produced or distributed this year, though there is a little bleed from 2009 and 2011. The awesome collage references 270 films, all itemized and linked out HERE, and let me tell you, thatís a ton of flicks to try to find, rip, and organize into editable pieces. Bravo, Gen.

I must warn you all though. The best time to watch this is a time when you can grab a movie and relax on your couch for two hours. Watching this at work or right before is a bad, terrible idea. Now Iím stuck facing down an eight hour work day with no motivation to do anything but pop some corn and settle in with a long list of films Iíve missed this year. DAMN YOU YOUTUBE!...Anyway, enjoy.

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