A Serious Man Clips: It Ain't Easy Being Hebrew

By Josh Tyler 2009-09-08 14:50:48discussion comments
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The Coen Brothers' new movie A Serious Man is a comedy, of sorts. Actually, judging from the four new clips below, it seems like another one of those awkward movies about how tough it is to be a Hebrew. By now, itís a topic thatís been rather well covered by Hollywood. I was raised a Christian and since I live in Texas I havenít actually met a lot of Jewish people (I guess theyíre not keen on cowboy hats), but Iíve seen so many movies on the subject Iím pretty sure Iíd be comfortable slapping on one of those stylish beanies and wandering into a bar mitzvah. Still itís the Coens and odds are theyíll find something new to mine in the world of Woody Allen style, uptight Jews.

A Serious Man hits theaters October 2nd, watch all four new clips below:

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