About That Leaked Batman 3 Script

By Josh Tyler 2009-01-26 23:44:58discussion comments
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I'd like to believe that most of you, being intelligent, discerning readers of this site have by now, figured this out. But just in case you haven't, know this: donít believe anything you see about Batman 3 unless it comes directly from Warner Brothers or someone intimately involved in the project, like say Christopher Nolan. Yes, that goes for anything you get from us as well. We'll report any rumors related to the project that we come across, but rest assured that we'll always let you know they're rumors, with all the every-shifting baggage that implies. That especially goes for supposedly leaked scripts floating around the internet. Leaked scripts like this one.

This particular script is popping up in dozens of different places and proliferating as we speak. Actually itís not really a script just 8 pages. Still, what reason do we have to believe itís fake? Well first thereís the obvious: Nolan has only just started writing it. The odds of someone getting their hands on it and leaking it are pretty slim. Perhaps most importantly though, itís being pushed around the internet over and over again by the same nefarious character. Heís emailing and posting messages on every site he can find, trying to convince people to promote his link. And look, weíve just fallen for it.

But weíre not falling for the script. 8 pages? Really? If youíre going to shop around a fake script, at least have the decency to come up with 30 or 40 pages. That might believable. 8 pages, is not. Anybody, literally anybody, could cook that up in 5 minutes and then format it to make it look convincing.

So when someone emails this to you claiming itís the real thing, breathe deeply, count down from ten, and then remind yourself not to believe everything you read on the internet. Thereís no way this is the script for Batman 3, oh and while weíre at it Cher isnít Catwoman and neither is Shirley Temple.


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