Adam McKay Teases Anchorman 2 Again Even Though We Know It's Not Happening

By Josh Tyler 2010-04-27 17:21:21discussion comments
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Adam McKay Teases Anchorman 2 Again Even Though We Know It's Not Happening image
Weíve done our best to warn you not to get your hopes up, and even though we all know itís not happening, director Adam McKay keeps promising Anchorman 2anyway. McKay tells MTV that theyíre shooting for a 2011 release date.

Except of course, they donít have any money or script or really anything yet. And Iím here to tell you they never will. McKay makes his case for it happening this way, ďIt's a tricky movie because everyone went and did really well after it, so everyone's prices went up and everyone's time got a little more valuable. But at the same time, graciously, Steve and Paul and everyone agreed to cut their price to come and do [the sequel], which you don't see very often in Hollywood ó and cut their price substantially. But even with that, it's just a budgetary thing with Paramount in terms of how much they'll give us to make it.Ē

I hope this movie happens. Iíd love to see this movie happen. If it does happen McKay keeps saying theyíll move it forward towards the 80s and that sounds like the perfect way to go. He compares it to the Austin Powers franchise pointing out how much better the second movie did, and I think heís right on. Thereís huge potential here. But theyíve been teasing the prospect of this movie for so long itís hard to believe that itíll suddenly get done when up till now thereís basically been no, real, concrete movement on it. If Anchorman 2 was going to happen, it would have happened already. Itís not like they havenít had enough time to write the script.
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