Adam Sandler Picks Herlihy To Destroy New York With Nintendo Characters

By Mack Rawden 2010-11-10 21:43:34discussion comments
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Adam Sandler Picks Herlihy To Destroy New York With Nintendo Characters image
For those of you that havenít been exposed to Patrick Jeanís awesome YouTube short Pixels, let me give a brief summation. Some dude throws an old television away, it blows up and unleashes old school Nintendo characters onto New York City. They include, but are not limited to, Frogger, Pacman and Donkey Kong. They rapidly destroy the entire city by turning it into pixels, the madness spreads and eventually the world is destroyed. The whole thing takes less than two minutes. Itís like a Saturday Night Live sketch, which is probably why Adam Sandler wants to make it into a movie.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sandler and his team over at Happy Madison have teamed up with Columbia to acquire the rights and former SNL scribe Tim Herlihy has been tapped to direct. For most people, Herlihyís claim to fame probably has to do with writing The Wedding Singer, an underrated film I enjoy, but it should be noted he is the namesake behind the wonderful Herlihy Boy House Siting Service sketch with Sandler and Chris Farley. Golden.

I have no idea how this might work as a film, or whether Sandler and company will be able to acquire the rights to the real Nintendo characters, but while youíre contemplating how much money that would cost, go ahead and watch the short belowÖ

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