Alec Baldwin Joining My Sister's Keeper

By Katey Rich 2007-12-18 17:24:26discussion comments
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Alec Baldwinís career has experienced the kind of resurgence that most middle-aged actors can only dream about. Once accused of beating his wife and confused with his lesser brothers, Baldwin is now one of the best parts of the best sitcom on television, 30 Rock. Though his comedic skills as Jack Donaghy are impressive, every now and then the dramatic actor shines through, reminding us how it takes a true actor to play the part, and how Alec Baldwin might be my favorite person in the world even though he yelled at his kid in a voicemail.

Well, now that 30 Rock is on hold for the foreseeable future, Baldwinís headed back to the movies in My Sisterís Keeper, a movie whose mere plot seems intended to bring about tears. A family has a daughter (Elle Fanning) in an effort to find a genetic match and potential cure for her sister (Dakota Fanning), who has cancer. The younger girl then takes the family to court and sues them for emancipation. Baldwin will play the girlís lawyer, which will almost inevitably draw back up the yelling-at-kids-on-voicemail thing until he shows everyone how awesome he is.

The movie also stars Cameron Diaz as the girlsí mother, and is based on a Jodi Picoult novel of the same name. Nick Cassavetes, the man who broke a thousand hearts with The Notebook, is directing, which doesnít give me much hope that this will be anything but a glorified weepie. Thatís OK, though. I will watch Alec Baldwin do anything, even if itís acting alongside a Fanning sister, both of whom I find strangely creepy in a way I canít explain. Hopefully by the time this comes out the writersí strike will be over and my beloved 30 Rock will be back, but if not, the sight of Baldwin in a lawyer suit and fancy office will bring back sweet, sweet memories of Jack Donaghy, president of television and microwave oven programming.
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