Alice In Wonderland Poll: Give Us Your Review!

By Josh Tyler 2010-03-05 02:36:47discussion comments
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Itís the first real event movie of 2010 and for the record, itís not because itís in 3D. Any movie collaboration between Johnny Depp and Tim Burton is worth your time, assuming of course you missed that one time it wasnít when Johnny did that creepy Michael Jackson impression. Itís Alice in Wonderland weekend and after months of mediocre, half-assed early year movies America is primed for spectacle.

That means youíre almost certain to be one of the many people headed down the rabbit hole this weekend. Once you get back from Wonderland, come back here. Itís your turn. Tell us what you thought of Alice in Wonderland by sounding off in our comments section, by talking back to us on twitter debating it on our message board, and most importantly by casting your vote in the official Alice in Wonderland opinion poll below.

What did you think of Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland?


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