Amazing Retro Posters For Best Picture Nominees

By Josh Tyler 2010-03-04 12:46:15discussion comments
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By now youíve hopefully seen all of the Best Picture nominees or, hopefully, youíve at least seen the top four which actually have a chance of winning. Youíve seen them, but youíve never seen them quite like this.

The British Academy Film & Television Awards hired artist Tavis Coburn to re-envision all five of their BAFTA nominees, which include four Oscar frontrunners plus An Education, and turn them into promotional posters for the event. The results are stunning, five-retro posters which cast all five nominees in a new light. All five look like something ripped from the cover of a classic, sci-fi pulp novel or alternatively, a surprisingly awesome 1950ís General Electric washing machine ad. It works especially well with The Hurt Locker, which in Coburnís hands could just as easily have taken place on the moon.

Check out all five and see more of Coburnís amazing work right here.

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