Amy Adams's Lois Lane Will Be A Redhead, As Revealed In Man Of Steel Set Photos

By Katey Rich 2011-08-16 07:35:35discussion comments
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If you thought it was a big deal when Laurence Fishburne was cast in Superman: Man of Steel as Perry White, a white character in the comics, you're probably gonna want to sit down for this news. In photos snapped from the Indiana shoot of Man of Steel (via Superhero Hype), Amy Adams is reporting for work with her usual strawberry blonde hair color intact. And before you assume she'll don a dark brunette wig to play Lois Lane, there's also video of her shooting a very brief scene at a gas station-- click here to see it-- that proves this is in fact her look as Lois Lane. See the proof for yourself below.

Before you bust out the pitchforks to chase down either Adams, Zack Snyder, or Adams's hairdresser, keep in mind that a non-brunette Lois isn't totally unprecedented. When Erica Durance first appeared on Smallville as Lois Lane, she had lighter blonde hair, before returning later in the season bearing the full, trademark brunette waves. There's also this precedent in the comics if you really want to go back:

Looking at these set photos, more than missing Margot Kidder's pitch-perfect Lois look, I find myself thinking of poor Kate Bosworth in Superman Returns, stuck with a brown dye job that did not suit her at all. Of course, Bosworth was terribly miscast in that movie, while i think Adams actually has the verve and screen presence to pull this off. But if keeping her natural hair color will help make the performance feel that much more real, then go to town. I have a feeling you guys aren't all going to agree with me on this one, though. Let the great hair color debate rage in the comments!
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