Anchorman 2 Close To Happening?

By Josh Tyler 2009-05-26 22:20:40discussion comments
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Anchorman 2 Close To Happening? image
Anchorman 2 talk is nothing new, most of the cast involved in the first one have all been open about their desire to do a second. So far it hasnít amounted to much. Just maybe though, thatís changing.

Moviehole caught Will Ferrell on Australian radio where he revealed that everyone ďis meeting next weekĒ to discuss the sequel. As for whoís involved in the meeting and whether this means anything more than Paul Rudd going over to Will Ferrellís house to smoke a bong and reminisce about old times is anyoneís guess. But at least itís movementÖ sort ofÖ isnít it? Maybe this thingís really coming together, or maybe itíll end up being killed with a trident.

You have to wonder how much harder itís going to be this time to get the primary cast back. After all, Paul Rudd and Steve Carell were virtual nobodies when they made the first movie. Even Will Ferrell wasnít exactly Will Ferrell yet. Since then, the careers of all three of skyrocketed. Getting all of them back in their polyester suits for a sequel will be expensive and letís face it, thereís no movie without Brick Tamland. We all love lamp.
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