Andrew Jarecki's All Good Things Finds A Home At Magnolia

By Katey Rich 2010-08-24 20:34:22discussion comments
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Andrew Jarecki's All Good Things Finds A Home At Magnolia image
Andrew Jarecki's All Good Things has become one of those great white whales for independent film fans, a movie completed in early 2008 and languishing on a shelf ever since, despite starring Ryan Gosling and Kirsten Dunst and having a true-crime story behind it. Jarecki got an Oscar nomination for his documentary Capturing the Friedmans way back in 2004, and he's probably been dying ever since to capitalize on the buzz surrounding his name-- buzz that's been fading with time.

Now, finally, All Good Things will see the light of day. Magnolia Pictures announced today in a press release that they've picked up the film and are scheduling it for a December release, which will put it very, very close-- maybe uncomfortably close-- to the Ryan Gosling drama Blue Valentine, which the Weinstein Company is releasing at the end of the year. This deal comes after Jarecki bought back the rights to his film from none other than The Weinstein Company-- I wonder if Ryan Gosling feels some torn loyalties here? Magnolia also distributed Capturing the Friedmans, so Jarecki is clearly back in comfortable territory-- and probably glad his movie will finally get off the damn shelf.

All Good Things is inspired by the true story of socialite Robert Dust, who was suspected of killing his wife in 1982 and was connected to several other murders as well. The cast also includes TV stalwarts Kristen Wiig and Nick Offerman, as well as Frank Langella-- a remarkably good cast we'll finally, finally have the chance to see in action later this year.
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