Angelina Jolie Still Plans To Visit Sin City

By Lexi Feinberg 2014-05-21 21:00:02discussion comments
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Angelina Jolie Still Plans To Visit Sin City image
Angelina Jolie has rarely been seen in movies lately; she is more likely to be caught in the tabloids scooping up babies with hunky beau Brad Pitt. Itís great that she is such a do-gooder, but still, her presence is missed from movies. She has The Good Shepherd coming up, so hopefully that will be as promising as it looks.

According to ComingSoon, she is still up for playing Ava in the sequel to Sin City, if and when the film sees the light of day. "I don't think the film is being made at this moment. When it's actually going to be made I'm sure we'll talk about it," she says.

Jolie was preggers at the time it was mentioned, so that could explain why the film hasnít happened yet. While a start date hasnít been announced, we can expect to see Jolie crashing the second journey to Sin City. And, more importantly, continuing to save the world--one child at a time.
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