Angels And Demons: The HyperTrailer!

By Josh Tyler 2009-05-12 14:27:18discussion comments
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When a standard trailer just wonít do, you get a Hypertrailer! What the hell is a Hypertrailer? Itís embedded below. For Angels & Demons Sony has come up with something different. Watch the trailer below, and as you watch youíll see certain characters or scenes highlighted. When theyíre highlighted, a box will appear below the trailer corresponding to the highlighted figure in the trailer. Click the box, and the trailer pauses while youíre taken to a related video with more information about what you just saw. When youíre done, you go right back to the trailer and it resumes.

Itís a little like playing find the clue in real time. Perfect for a movie like this one. Try out the slick new Hypertrailer for Angels & Demons right here, for maximum effect select the "Full Version":

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