Anne Hathaway For Superman's Lois Lane?

By Josh Tyler 2010-11-23 14:04:27discussion comments
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Anne Hathaway For Superman's Lois Lane? image
Zack Snyderís Superman movie has remained largely a mystery so far. We donít know who heís casting or what heís planning, itís all just rumor and conjecture. Hereís some more rumor and conjecture, but from the pretty reliable reporters at Whatís Playing.

They say Anne Hathaway is in the running to play Lois Lane. What isnít clear is exactly how sheíd fit into the story which, word is, wonít be set in Metropolis. The movieís not really about Superman, you see, instead itís about Clark Kent. It follows Kent before he puts on the Superman costume, back when he was a young journalist traveling the globe. During this time heís sort of in denial about his powers and tries to help people without doing anything super. From the character breakdowns they got their hands on, it sounds like the bulk of the plot takes place in West Africa with Clark involved in a battle between warring tribes.

That doesnít mean you wonít see Superman in his costume, theyíre pretty clear that he will show don his iconic blue and red at some point, but most of the story will focus on Clark wandering the globe.

So then, where does Lois Lane fit in? Clark doesnít meet Lois until he goes to work at the Daily Planet, and this story takes place before he gets his Daily Planet job. They shouldnít know each other. Lois has no reason to be Africa. If theyíre considering casting Anne Hathaway as Lois, maybe weíll only see her at the end of this first film, setting her up for a bigger part in the sequel? Itís a theory anyway. No matter how they use her, Hathaway seems like the perfect Lois Lane. At least sheís not Kate Bosworth who, for all the great things Superman Returns did, never really worked.
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