Anne Hathaway Tries A British Accent And A Pixie Cut In One Day Trailer

By Josh Tyler 2011-04-29 13:34:47discussion comments
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Anne Hathawayís next romance movie will probably involve significantly fewer degenerative diseases than her last one, which is a good thing, but also probably a lot less nudity, which is not. Before she does The Dark Knight Rises Anneís set to show up starring opposite Jim Sturgess in One Day, and we have the trailer.

Before you watch, hereís a quick thumbnail sketch of what itís about. Youíll need that, because the trailer doesnít exactly do a good job of saying much of anything about the movie except that Anne Hathaway has a short haircut and has decided to try out a British accent. One Day though is about two people who spend the night together, then subsequently meet up once every year on the same day to see where each otherís life is at. Hereís the trailer:

I was significantly more excited about this movie before I watched the trailer, but Iíll follow Anne Hathaway anywhere, and Iím still hoping the movie turns out to be as cool as its poster, even if the trailer definitely is not.

Maybe itís the British accent that throws me off. Iíve never understood Hollywoodís insistence on hiring Brits to play Americans, or Americans to play Brits. Itís not like there arenít plenty of famous, fantastic, British actors laying around to choose from. Why risk an actress with a dodgy accent, even a good actress like Anne Hathaway, when you could hire someone who already has one? Itís never made any sense. Whatís Sienna Miller up to these days? She should be doing this.
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