Antonio Banderas Goes Creepy For The Skin That I Inhabit

By Will LeBlanc 2011-01-07 14:28:35discussion comments
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Antonio Banderas Goes Creepy For The Skin That I Inhabit image
Usually, Antonio Banderas plays the suave ladies man, too cool for his own good, making guys wish they were him. But famed director Pedro Almodovar has different ideas for the Spanish heartbreaker.

In The Skin That I Inhabit Banderas sheds his lady-killer comfort suit and trades it for a lab coat. Heíll be playing a doctor who will either be getting revenge on the men who raped his daughter, or a doctor who is creating a skin with which he could have saved his wife who died in a car accident years before. There are too many sources equally spouting both of those synopses that itís impossible to tell which is right. However, the book by Thierry Jonquet is about the latter so expect that.

Either story sounds interesting and has the first image from the film. Banderas seems to have been able to pull off creepy here, but itís hard to tell what exactly heís going to do with Patrick Stewart all marked up. Scope out the picture below and check back often to find out exactly what to expect out of Almodovarís next.

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