Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Doing Terminator 5, Sequel From Fast Five Director

By Mack Rawden 2011-04-26 17:26:16discussion comments
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Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Doing Terminator 5, Sequel From Fast Five Director image
The years as California Governor may have moved Arnold Schwarzenegger closer to the middle, but thankfully, they have not squashed his will to destroy all in his path, especially now that Skynet is active. The action star will return to ruin lives as his most beloved character, The Terminator, in at least one but likely two films in the near future.

The move comes almost a year after Pacificor purchased the rights to the franchise for what seemed like an astounding figure of nearly thirty million. With Arnold back in play, that gamble no longer seems like such a foolhardy investment, and the company will make its pitch to Lionsgate, Universal and Sony later this afternoon. Deadline is speculating the Terminator package will sell for upwards of twenty-five to thirty million at minimum, but the ultimate price tag shouldnít really affect the finished product. Anyone willing to shell out that kind of money will follow it up with at minimum a hundred and fifty million dollar investment to do this thing right. You donít coax Arnold Schwarzenegger back into the game and then pinch pennies and go cheap. People will expect Terminator 5: Heís Back or whatever the hell itís going to be called to be a balls to the wall orgasm of death, explosions and eye mutilation.

Beyond Arnold, the only other person officially on board in this package is Robert Cort as producer, but thereís been a ton of internet buzz over the last few weeks that Fast Five helmer Justin Lin would direct a sequel whether or not The Kindergarten Cop was involved or not. Expect that little rumor to be confirmed or disconfirmed as soon as a studio opens the bank and buys the rights.

Are you surprised? Excited? Worried about quality? Personally, Iím just happy he went back to The Terminator before making Jingle All The Way 2. That movie would have felt wrong without Phil Hartman. Maybe next year, Sinbad.
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