Arnold Schwarzenegger's Governator Comic Also A 3D Movie

By Josh Tyler 2011-04-04 12:07:45discussion comments
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Arnold Schwarzenegger's Governator Comic Also A 3D Movie image
We havenít really talked much here on Cinema Blend about Arnold Schwarzeggerís plan to turn his governorship of California into a comic book, mostly because itís an incredibly lame idea and talking about it makes us feel sort of embarrassed that Arnoldís career has come to this. Now though, weíre forced to talk about it, because heís also turning this lame comic book idea into a feature film.

The comic is called The Governator, because Arnold thought the nick name given to him as a joke isnít a joke but actually kind of cool. Itís not. Itís a joke. Someone should tell him. They wonít, so he announced that itís more than a comic book, but a multi-platform project which will also end up as an animated television series, internet programming, and eventually a movie (in 3D of course). As the title suggests, it stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as a governor fighting crime.

Donít worry, The Governator may be a political figure but he wonít fight anything controversial. You're safe for now, welfare programs. For instance Deadline reports that when asked if the Governator might take on Moammar Gadhafi he responded, ďI donít want to make headlines, that means you wonít write about The Governator. That might be going in the wrong direction. But the way things are going, we may have a chance of selling our series down there.Ē

Just how completely lame is this idea? Hereís the first trailer for the animated series, co-starring Larry King, who of course makes everythingÖ cool?

After watching that trailer, it wonít surprise you to learn that a lot of this seems to be the result of a partnership with Stan Lee. Stan Lee is a comic book iconÖ but for the work he did in the genre decades ago. These days he produces schlocky, horrible television programs and hangs on to fame mostly because Marvel keeps giving him cameos in all their movies. This is just about the kind of completely out of touch, exceptionally bad idea youíd expect from Stan.

Iím pretty sure this isnít what anyone had in mind, back when Arnold announced his return to acting a few weeks ago. Actually I think itís safe to say this is the exact opposite of what everyone had in mind. Hopefully this isnít Schwarzeneggerís only project. That Running Man reboot seems pretty good, right about now.
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