Aronofsky's Robocop Reboot Finally Dead

By Josh Tyler 2010-07-26 10:58:34discussion comments
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Aronofsky's Robocop Reboot Finally Dead image
The writingís been on the wall for Darren Aronofskyís Robocop reboot for awhile now. Back in February we heard he was still attached to the project, but the Requiem for a Dream director has shown no inclination to actually, you know, make it. Worse itís an MGM property and, well, anything at MGM is pretty much dead. So itís no surprise that Moviehole and the Financial Times says the whole thing has been scrapped.

It sounds like the entire project has, almost literally, been flushed down the toilet. Aronofsky has lost interest in it anyway and even if he hadnít it wasnít going to get made. Word is that there wonít be another Robocop, at least not any time soon. It makes sense, if MGM canít get The Hobbit or more James Bond made, what hope for Robocop? None. Maybe some day someone else will tackle it, but not MGM and not Darren Aronofsky.
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