Audible Audience Reaction To Inception's Ending: This Is The Sound Of Awesome

By Josh Tyler 2010-07-17 02:13:58discussion comments
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Audible Audience Reaction To Inception's Ending: This Is The Sound Of Awesome image
Critics and bloggers and pundits around the world have spent the last week doing two things, consistently: First theyíve been busy praising Inception, and boy did it deserve it. Second, theyíve been trashing moviegoersÖ and deserve it they donít.

Weíve only done the first of those two things here on Cinema Blend this week because much like Inception director Christopher Nolan, we believe in all of you. While the world has been quick to declare audiences too dumb to embrace this new masterpiece, Nolanís movie has burst into theaters determined to assume that youíll be smart enough to follow along with it. And you know what? He was right. You are, you did, and hereís the evidence.

SPOILER WARNING: If you havenít seen Inception, go no further. Turn back now! Huge spoilers follow.

Seriously, big spoilers which will ruin the entire movie for you are coming. Get out.

Everyone who hasnít seen it gone? Great. Letís keep going.

Inceptionís ending is a risky proposition. For an audience that isnít smart enough to get the movie, itíll be frustrating, maddening, and disappointing. Yet Iíve seen the movie twice now, and the reaction to what happens at the end has been the same both timesÖ and audible. Friends I've talked to who have attended other screenings have reported the same. Itís a sound being heard all around the country right now, an audience reaction quite unlike any other youíve probably heard after any other film. Itís the sound of people, who are in on whatís going on, and happy to walk out the door without getting all the answers spoonfed to them. Itís the sound of smart moviegoers laughing and groaning all at once, the sound of frustration and delight colliding together in one cacophony, and here it is, thanks to someone foolhardy enough to sneak in a recording device just to capture this singular audience moment which happens in every showing right as the Inception end credits roll:

Final Warning: This video shows the end of the movie. Donít click play if you havenít seen it!

Go easy on the guy who recorded this Warner Bros. Technically itís piracy but of the harmless variety. More importantly, this is the sound of awesome. This is the sound of money, filling up your coffers. This is the sound of Inception.
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