Avengers Character Art For The Hulk Completes The Full Assembled Poster

By Katey Rich 2011-07-24 12:29:21discussion comments
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Yesterday we had put together the pieces of the Avengers character art released so far, releasing that each separate image linked together to form a full poster that, at that point, was only missing The Hulk right in the middle. Now the final piece has been revealed at Marvel.com, giving us our first look at Mark Ruffalo as the green, mean Bruce Banner. Check out the brand new Hulk poster below.

Honestly, if Ruffalo's face weren't there in profile, I'd have a hard time realizing this was his Hulk and not an earlier incarnation. But in some ways that even more interesting-- the transition from Bruce Banner to Hulk has always been a little awkward on film, with Lou Ferrigno forced to play both incarnations and both Eric Bana and Edward Norton's CGI creations bearing a pretty close likeness to the actual actors. This Hulk seems mean and fierce, a pretty far cry from the usually laid-back Ruffalo; I'm not sure if that indicates a direction they're going with the character, or if I'm just reading way too much into a poster for lack of more information. Having attended a press screening of Captain America with the Avengers trailer snipped off the end, I haven't even seen that part, so I'm definitely in the dark.

This Hulk poster is now available at the Marvel booth at San Diego Comic Con, which is wrapping up today; you can also get the full composite poster, which Marvel has finally put together below. If you're still at the Con, swing by the booth and see if you can pick one up!

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