Bad Teacher Gag Reel Shows A Vulgar Diaz And A Funny Segel

By Will LeBlanc 2011-06-16 19:16:51discussion comments
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Bad Teacher Gag Reel Shows A Vulgar Diaz And A Funny Segel image
Jason Segelís next comedy outing coming in the form of the Cameron Diaz vehicle Bad Teacher, an R-rated comedy about a pretty middle-school teacher on the hunt for a new man who undoubtedly will see the err in her ways and be a changed woman by the end of it. That doesnít sound all that exciting until you sprinkle on Segelís genius comedic timing and Justin Timberlakeís....Timberlakiness. Seriously, heís going to be as huge an actor as he is musical artist. Wait and see.

I digress. A ďgagĒ reel has been released from Bad Teacher and despite its best efforts isnít really all that funny. At least the filmís star isnít. Segel and Timberlake steal the show while Cameron Diaz just gets violently vulgar in the presence of teenagers in a heavily forced manor. Itís trying to be really cool, and to the 15-year-olds who sneak into this movie because itís rated R and they think Cameron Diaz is hot it will be cool, but to the rest of us who crave more from our comedy it is flat and yawn-worthy (except for John Michael Higgins, who is always hilarious).

Scope it out below anyway if you want a quick look at Segel and Timberlake being comedy powerhouses.

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