Batman v Superman: What We Know So Far About Dawn Of Justice

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The Flash
If DC and Warner Bros. are actually planning to make a Justice League film sooner rather than later, then they will likely have to start establishing a superhero-filled world very quickly. This is where Flash could come in. While the crimson comic book character is about to make a big splash with his own new television show on The CW, there has also been some intense fan speculation that he will be making his live-action feature debut in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. This has only been rumored and never confirmed, but some have suggested that the role might actually already belong to Ben Affleck’s Argo co-star Scoot McNairy. The actor was spotted on the set of the new Zack Snyder movie sporting a set of chroma key socks, and some have surmised that they might be useful during post-production while making the legs look like they are moving at super speed. McNairy has neither confirmed nor denied the Flash rumors when asked about his presence in Batman vs. Superman, but he has said that he hopes to be a part of the DC Universe "for a while."
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