Batman v Superman: What We Know So Far About Dawn Of Justice

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Fans haven't necessarily been clamoring to see The Boy Wonder on screen - but ever since director Christopher Nolan sidestepped Batman's sidekick in his Bat-trilogy, we've been curious as to whether Robin ever would show up on screen again (put down the phone, Chris O'Donnell). The latest rumors say that Sucker Punch alum Jena Malone, who visited Snyder's Michigan set, now sports the red hairdo of one Carrie Kelley, the version of Robin from Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns. Knowing that this is the book from which Snyder heavily borrows, is it possible that we'll see some take on Robin in Batman v Superman? Its also been suggested that the debut trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice may actually give us our first glimpse at the box containing the costume of Jason Todd the Robin who was killed by The Joker. This, however, has not yet been confirmed.
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